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Stop Tumors

The organization

The organization

More than a non-profit! All expenses funded by the Schiffman’s and all money brought in goes directly to researchers.

We knew that our journey to find the cure would be difficult, and expensive, but like any other parent we though to ourselves “I’ll sell everything, I don’t care, I’ll get the money somehow!”
But, we did not want to be so drastic, as we have 3 other beautiful children, and a small petting zoo to support J.
My family, and I have been very fortunate to have the resources to fund this expedition, but, like anything, we can only do so much.
Any monies donated to our organization goes directly to research, and the search for the cure. Every penny donated and spent within this organization, can be tracked by visiting ________________.

Inspired by Stop Tumors Save Kids? Feeling generous? Help support our efforts.